Postgraduate Diploma in Traffic Policing

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This programme is designed to develop the students professional skills, improve knowledge of relevant legislation, police management principles, as well as fleet and maintenance management. Operational aspects of policing is the why and how of police practice and management. Policing in this context refers specifically to traffic and metropolitan policing.

This programme is furthermore designed for students who have completed the Advanced Diploma in Traffic and Metropolitan Policing (or equivalent). It incorporates advanced concepts related to traffic science, civil liability, basic research principles, fleet management and advanced project management. Traffic police administrators at all levels of government face a multitude of challenges. Law enforcement administrators are challenged to achieve their goals and objectives with scarce resources. This requires a professional and innovative approach from both administrators and practitioners.

The curriculum of the Postgraduate Diploma in Traffic Policing (NQF level 8) reflects the trends in modern contemporary road policing, law enforcement practice, client-focused programs, and professional development within the field of traffic policing.

The programme duration is 1 years minimum

Learners could pursue a career in:

  • Traffic Policing
  • Criminology
  • Safety and security
  • Criminal Justice
  • South African Police
  • Transport industry

Upon successful completion of your programme, you will receive a certificate depicting: - Postgraduate Diploma in Traffic Policing and an academic transcript. These documents will be issued at the annual graduation ceremony,couriered to the nearest branch or posted to you, provided that your account is in order.It is the learners responsibility to ensure they meet all the programme requirements before a qualification can beissued.

The minimum entry requirement is the Advanced Diploma in Traffic and Metropolitan Policing OR equivalent.

  • For full details on minimum requirements, contact the College.


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