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The Postgraduate Certificate in Intermediate Teaching (PGCE (Intermediate Phase Teaching)) is a teaching qualification that enables students who have successfully completed, a) a cognate Diploma (NQF Level 6), or b) a cognate undergraduate degree (NQF Level 7) or c) a cognate postgraduate qualification (NQF level 8 and above) to pursue the Postgraduate Certificate in Education. The PGCE in Intermediate Phase Teaching enables graduates to enter the teaching profession as an Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 – 6) teacher in South African public and private schools. The PGCE (Intermediate Phase Teaching) is a NQF Level 7 qualification consisting of a minimum of 136 credits.

The purpose and outcomes of the qualification is to provide students with solid knowledge of education and its foundations. Therefore the students will be able to display the competence to teach at least two learning areas with confidence. In addition, the PGCE in Intermediate Phase teaching will enable pre-service teachers to acquire knowledge and competencies in educational theory, an understanding of relevant as well as current policy and legislation, subject content knowledge, alongside cooperative and collaborative learning and teaching methodologies that are relevant to a South African context in general. The PGCE is a qualification that enables graduates to gain professional registration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE). Thus, the PGCE is a professional qualification that equips, enables and empowers pre-service teachers with the requisite integrated competencies. Therefore, this qualification will prepare pre-service teachers with a specific depth and Elective of knowledge, together with practical skills and workplace to be able to implement their learning in varying contexts at schools.

The qualification focuses on essential knowledge and skills for teachers, teaching in Grades 4 – 6, and in at least two teaching Electives. Students may be required to complete a conversational African language module (Conversational isiZulu) to facilitate learning in multi-lingual classrooms, if they are not proficient in an African language. They may also be required to complete the Technology and Teaching module if they are not proficient in the use of technology

The programme duration is 1 years minimum
  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Education liaison officer
  • Educational consultant
  • Educational advisor

Upon successful completion of the qualification, you will receive a certificate depicting: Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching, in addition the following will be denoted on the certificate: Intermediate Phase Specialisations; Language(s) of Learning and Teaching (Lot); Language(s) of Conversational Competence and Subject Specialisations. The student will also receive an academic transcript. These documents will be issued at one of the two graduation ceremonies, couriered to the nearest branch, or posted to you (after the official ceremony), provided that your account is in order. NB: Certificates cannot be issued to students before an official graduation ceremony.

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20240101 - 20241231

The minimum requirements for admission into the Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching is either:A bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 7. This bachelor’s degree must include modules at Level 7 in an appropriate discipline(s) to specialise in at least two learning areas.ORA 360-Credit, NQF Level 6 Diploma. This Diploma must include modules at NQF Level 6 in an appropriate discipline(s) to specialise in at least two learning areas.ORWhere a student does not have the sufficient disciplinary subject matter in the prerequisite qualification, he/she will be required to complete additional module(s) before the qualification may be awarded.ORAn International Qualification. For all international qualifications, SAQA evaluation Certificate is required and the syllabus.


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